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Updated: 10/30 7:44 am
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Updated: 10/30 7:52 am
Winter Weather At-A-Glance
Updated: 10/30 7:53 am

New Snow by 10/31 7am: None
This range is over the entire eastern Finger Lakes region. Please check the full forecast for location specific forecasts.
Seasonal Snowfall Through 10/29
2014-2015 Winter: Trace
2013-2014 Winter: Trace"
A few light rain showers are scattered around the region early this morning, but they should dissipate before the day goes on too long. The clouds will remain however, and today will end up quite similar to yesterday, only cooler. With morning temperatures in the low 40s, there will not be much upward movement today with highs only in the upper 40s. Tonight we will remain cloudy, but quiet and cool, with temperatures slipping back into the mid 30s. Friday, too, will start out quiet before some showers move in for the later part of the day. It will not be a washout, and any rain that does fall should be light, so it isn't a terrible forecast for trick-or-treating, even if it isn't ideal.

The system that will bring us showers on Friday will be one piece of a large puzzle that will all come together off the Mid Atlantic coast on Saturday. A powerful nor'easter will develop and head northeast (of course), away from us. The majority of this system will stay out at sea with only coastal New England seeing a significant direct impact. Indirectly though, this nor'easter will help pull down some very chilly air for this weekend. Some rain and then snow showers will be possible on Saturday as Friday's system merges into the other players off the Mid-Atlantic coast. Highs on Saturday will be in the low 40s early before dropping late in the day. Highs on Sunday will not even reach 40 and low temperatures Monday morning will be in the 20s. As for snow accumulations- no more than a dusting should be expected. Even if we somehow got more, it would quickly melt as 50s return to the area by Monday afternoon.

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