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Temperature: 46.5F
Feels Like: 44.1F


Updated: 12/1 7:55 am
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Updated: 12/1 8:00 am
Winter Weather At-A-Glance
Updated: 12/1 7:42 am

New Snow by 12/2 7am: None
This range is over the entire eastern Finger Lakes region. Please check the full forecast for location specific forecasts.
Seasonal Snowfall Through 12/1
2014-2015 Winter: 1.5"
2013-2014 Winter: 16.4"
There are just a few scattered showers around Central New York early Tuesday morning. Temperatures have been rising overnight and are starting out near 40 degrees. Despite thick cloud cover and a gradual increase in shower activity, the temperatures will rise into the mid 40s by this afternoon. Showers will become more common by midday and will continue to increase in coverage through the afternoon and evening. Overnight, a steady rain should fall. Temperatures will remain steady in the mid 40s into Wednesday morning. The rain will taper off on Wednesday as a cold front moves through early in the day. Temperatures will slowly drop through the 40s and should be in the upper 30s by dinnertime. Rain will redevelop later in the day and continue into Wednesday night, even as the temperature continues to drop. Snow will mix in and some accumulations could be possible over higher elevations. This is the type of event where a degree or two in temperature could have a rather large impact in the weather. Precipitation will continue into Thursday, aided by the Great Lakes. Both rain and snow will be possible, with accumulations remaining uncertain. High pressure will build in on Friday, bringing a dry weekend. The amount of sunshine is uncertain, but at least some sunny periods are likely. Temperatures will be a bit above average, with highs well into the 40s.
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