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Temperature: 7.2F
Feels Like: 7.2F


Updated: 2/11 7:48 am
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Updated: 2/11 7:53 am
Winter Weather At-A-Glance
Updated: 2/11 7:54 am

New Snow by 02/12 7am: 0-10
This range is over the entire eastern Finger Lakes region. Please check the full forecast for location specific forecasts.
Seasonal Snowfall Through 02/10
2015-2016 Winter: 22.3"
2014-2015 Winter: 79.7"
Three of the next four days will be very cold across Central New York. Temperatures will hold steady in the teens today, but increasing winds will make it feel colder and colder as the day goes on. Wind chills will fall below zero this afternoon. Lake effect snow will develop across the area as well. Groton may get missed out, with heavier snows to the north and a secondary band to the south and west, but some occasional squalls may be possible as the bands waiver. The snow threat should end tonight, and Friday looks pleasant with highs in the 20s. The second and third cold days will be Saturday and Sunday. Saturday in particularly will be frigid, with temperatures during the day falling below zero. Combined with 30 mph wind gusts, and wind chills will be dangerously cold. Sunday will be a touch warmer and less windy, but highs will stick in the single digits and wind chills will remain below zero. Milder weather moves in for next week, but the storm threat for Tuesday still looms. The weather models are very inconsistent with the system in question, so confidence remains very low in what, if anything, will happen. Stay tuned.
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